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Silicone Dynasty


About the Author:

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Diamond lives life only in primary colors. She likes bold images, bold premises and bold people who dare greatly. She strives to live an extraordinary life and she is attracted by the laws beyond the universe. She loves Jesus, Buddha and Athena. She's a free thinker, free-spirit and always open to a new perspective. She loves to read books with strong textual evidence on the counter-arguments to popular beliefs. She enjoys to live in the primary purpose of life, and that primary purpose is LOVE and the audacity to be totally free.

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When freelance assassin, ex-Navy SEAL, Lars Hunter Krummen is assigned his next undercover mission, he learns that he has been hired to kill an outlaw whose wife has seduced him into a mendacious maze of deception, but before he shoots the fatal bullet, he discovers the abduction of a particular individual is being staged, and he unwarily gets involved uniting with the people he's supposed to kill, even at the risk of being sent to prison again.
The alluring and darkly seductive thriller Silicone Dynasty reveals the unforeseen relationship between the wife of a Colombian drug lord, Alessandra Maria DeSanto, the sophisticated entrepreneur of an infamous intimate apparel boutique, and the assassin who has been hired by the CIA to bring them down.

In Miami Beach Florida, 37 year old, ex Navy SEAL freelance assassin Lars Hunter Krummen is assigned another mission and is cocked and ready for the kill until he becomes enthralled with the mysterious temptress as he spies in on the DeSanto’s daily life through their glass mansion. And as he becomes bewitched by the undetectable ominous spell, he’s paralyzed in pulling the trigger when he learns that there is something amiss in the drug lord’s household. Intrigued at the proximity of discovering more of the secrets buried behind the glass walls of the DeSanto's home, Lars Hunter Krummen becomes mesmerized by the visual imagery in which he bears witness. This draws him out from the cross hairs of his assault rifle, out from the safe confounds of his long-range-easy-shot trajectory, luring him onto the premises of the DeSanto bay front estate where he finds himself up close and personal unknowingly in the midst of a very intricate web of deceit. 
Chronicling one man’s grim past against the backdrop of one of America’s most sensual cities, Lars Hunter Krummen struggles to untangle himself from the infatuation and go against his nature to resist the only woman he cannot have. 


First, I would like to say that the cover is very haunting and really grabbed my interest.

Typically, this is not a genre that would pull me in, but this story had an interesting premise and the plot pushed me along.  There is a lot to discover about each and every character.

Great care is given to provide a full understanding of Lars.  His daily regimen is presented so that when his world is turned upside down, the audience understands exactly how much Alessandra means to him.

Lars is typically eager to complete his missions, wasting no time to waste the bad guy.  In this situation, a buxom beauty causes him to halt, and, over the course of the story, pasts are revealed for not only Lars and Alessandra, but for many of the characters around them.  The audience discovers that the Alessandra's and the Colombian Drug Lord does not have a typical marriage.

While this is a VERY adult book, at the heart of the story is a hard-hitting, compelling tale about the perils of drug and human trafficking.

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