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The Descendants (Evolution of Angels Book 2)


About the Author:
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Nathan Wall is a husband, father, author and wanna-be part-time superhero (because new legislation limits the benefits and tax deductions he can receive as a full-timer) who lives in Texas. He's been creating stories since before he can remember. He says creating stories, and not writing them, because - as a boy - he had a healthy addiction to superhero action figures, and used to stage his own homemade adventures/movies in his room. His love for story telling morphed when he entered high school, as countless spirals of paper knelt before his pen. In college, that love for story telling morphed into other media. In 2010, he was nominated for an Emmy award. Nathan is the author of "Evolution of Angels," a science-fantasy/ action thriller. The ebook version was launched in June of 2014. The subsequent installments are set to be released soon, including a shared-world novella later this year. Other writing credits to his name is the highly praised "Money Ball for Fantasy Baseball," a non-fiction strategy guide series. The 2014 edition was featured by many independent fantasy baseball sites. When he is not busy writing, Nathan can be found interacting with his numerous fans on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.


A sect of half-breed "Descendants" with paranormal abilities looks to quell the investigations of disgraced Scotland Yard detective, Emma Brighton after she has a run-in with an Ourea: human looking creatures composed of the five elements. Known as the Elemental Knights, these beings were created by Zeus to assist in his war against Michael. Now Oreios, thought to be the last Ourea, must team up with Emma to save his creator, even if it means destroying his former allies and truly becoming the last of his kind.


Being that this is an honest review, I have to be honest and say that I had serious trouble completing this book.  It took far longer than normal, and even during the read, I had trouble keeping up with all of the characters and feeling as devoted to the storyline as I did with the first one.

With the first issue, characters came in and out of the story with very little information on who they are.  The difference with this book and the last is the lack of flashbacks.  Although I think the flashbacks were a little excessive in Book I, it at least gave us more time with the characters and allowed us to understand their individual issues and desires.

Along these same lines, there were a lot of awe-inspiring moments left out.  For instance, when Emma is first introduced to the supernatural world (in the Prologue), the audience is given a wonderful and emotional scene that allows the audience to fall into the story.  This is done wonderfully.  However, when Emma goes to a hidden club filled with supernatural creatures with her guide Harold, the audience suddenly realizes that Emma knows more than previously suspected.  The audience never gets to follow her on the journey of finding out about these creatures, and the audience missed out on scenes of awe and wonder, feeling what Emma would have felt when she first found out about all these creatures.  Due to this, a lot of scenes felt a bit disjointed because of what was left out.

And with the second issue I had, there is a bit of too much distance from the narrator and the characters.  None of the characters really stood out with personality or feelings.  It felt more like a history book than a narrative.

One exception to this is at the very end of the novel, on top of a hill, with Oreios and Emma.  The emotion and Oreios's internal thoughts about the situation made this a powerful and memorable scene.

This author has incredible ideas, and definitely has skill in writing, but there was a little too much lacking in this novel for me to really be pulled in.

If you want to find out more about this novel, check it out on Amazon.

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