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Before I Wake: Two Epic Love Stories. Two Earth Shattering Twist [sic]


About the Author:
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"Let me be that I am and seek not to alter me." William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing.I am a working wife and mother and have been writing for as long as I can remember. One of my first book reviewers (you know who you are) often reminds me of my first short story. I was in third grade. It was about a bee's journey to find a pot of missing honey. He says that I have improved since then. I think that he's right.

I enjoy hanging out with my family, thrifting, and Disney vacations. My favorite hobby is starting hobbies that I wont finish.

There are a thousand stories in my head at any given time. Hopefully, some of them will make it out for you to enjoy.
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In the spirit of The Twilight Zone, Unsolved Mysteries, and the X Files, BEFORE I WAKE contains two haunting love stories with a mind blowing endings that will leave you with one simple question: Was It Real?

The Cottage
Ashling's quiet farm life suddenly becomes a lot more interesting when a handsome stranger, bloodied and unconscious, appears next to a haystack. When he awakens, her world will never be the same again.

The Playthings
People are disappearing by the second, including Samantha Patterson's husband. As her world shifts around her, Samantha questions everything that she knows is real. Her husband, her child, her life... was it all just a dream?


I thinks it's important to first explain that I'm giving this novel three stars simply because the stories weren't long enough!

The first story, Playthings: A Brief Thriller, was exciting to read. The audience starts off viewing a loving, almost new, relationship, where the couple can barely keep their hands off of one another. In the blink of an eye, everything changes as the main character, Samantha, has her life ripped away from her. In the end, the reader is left wondering what was real and what was merely a dream.

The second story, The Cottage, starts with two young women living their lives in what I believe to be over a century ago. Their lives are interrupted by a strange man they help nurse back to health. This one resonated more with me for some reason. I enjoyed reading the interactions between Ashling and Liam, and found myself smiling through it all.

And I found my favorite quote for the novel in The Cottage.

"There was no world outside of his eyes. No breath away from the air stored in his lungs. No life away from his beating heart."

The second sentence, more than the other two, really hit me.

Overall, the writing style is simple and easy to read, there were no technical issues that stuck out to me, and the imagination revealed with these stories is wonderful!

So, in the end, these are really good short stories, but I can't help but feel they would have been excellent novels had they been fleshed out!

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