Monday, September 5, 2016

Naming the Bane


About the Author:
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Kal S. Davian grew up in Wisconsin's Fox Cities surrounded by science fiction and fantasy stories. He spent much of his life designing and fiddling with his ideas. With a love of books and a desire to create, writing was the most achievable method with which to share his works. Most of his time is spent taking care of his family or developing his life's work, Nihilian Effect.

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Cursed from birth, Daggis travels with a caravan of misfits and outcasts, fleeing a goddess hellbent on their destruction. He does what he can to protect his family, but when the caravan is raided by the goddess's army, one man can only do so much.


This is considered Book II, coming after Branding of a Heretic.  While I had a few issues with Book I, I absolutely adored this story!  Daggis is a man fighting for control, but when the caravan he's traveling with is attacked by the army, he not only loses control, he revels in his anger.

Daggis is a likable character from the start.  While he goes down a dark road and refuses to turn back, the things that he's gone through makes him way too sympathetic to dislike.  In fact, I cheered him on!

I can't wait to read more!  This has landed on my must-read list at kcgray (dot) com.

Do yourself a favor and grab your copy at Amazon.

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