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More Things in Heaven and Earth


About the Author:
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E.A. Comiskey has been writing her whole life, but never made much effort to share her stories with the world. She went to college, traveled the world, married a bartender from a western cowboy town, gave up corporate America to work in an old time photo shop and, eventually, came back home to raise her babies in the town she loves.

After discovering NaNoWriMo, she finished her first novel, More Things in Heaven and Earth, and everything changed. Since then, she's published several short stories, been featured on Wattpad, and continued producing novels. 

She lives in Michigan, surrounded by people she loves and loads of furry and feathered friends and spends her free time playing in the garden and drawing on the street with chalk. 

Every day she quotes Kevin Costner in The Postman. "Stuff's gettin' better. Stuff's gettin' better all the time."


"The veil is coming down. What will be revealed about you?"

Simone Fitzgerald battles for a normal life against voices no one else hears. She seems to be succeeding, until an angel appears, asking her to embrace the voices as a gift and stand as The Prophet.

When demons mobilize the beings of legend against mankind, Divine Wrath burns hot against creation. Simone must find the strength to embrace The Light and bring peace to the universe, but she may be crushed under the weight of the burden she's been asked to bear.

Follow an epic journey that takes the earth you know through a time when fairy tale creatures rule and into realms undreamed of.


First and foremost, the writing is absolutely beautiful.  It, alone, pulled me into the novel, but fascinating and highly imaginative world and plot certainly kept me going.

Simone is an ordinary mom of two boys and a loving wife who happens to also hear voices.  Some taunt her, others are having normal conversations that she merely overhears.  She's sure she's crazy, but her loving husband doesn't react as though it's true.

Then one day, Simone is visited by an angel and is told something she fears more than going crazy: she's sane.  The voices are those of creatures in other dimensions, layered over-top of one another which creates a tapestry that fits perfectly together.  All by That Which Is.

While this is a novel with deep-seated spiritual ideas and concepts, it isn't preachy at all.  The author focuses on an idea of oneness and love, not on religion where a person has to perform certain tasks or take on a certain role.  It shows and pushes unconditional love.

There is much I love about this novel, but there were also a few things that brought this down a star for me.  The main issue was the overabundance of characters.  With a novel about an epic battle between good and evil, there were a few characters killed along the way.  Unfortunately, so many names were brought into the novel, characters in and out of the main focus, that I couldn't mourn any of them (save for one, a real heart-breaker near the end).

Another issue is that this novel could have easily been longer and more immersive if certain scenes had been expanded.  For instance, there is a summary of "others" and legends introducing themselves to the world.  There is very little concrete description of these creatures or what they said or how the audience at these introductions reacted.  At least one or two should have have been shown in full-scene, providing the audience to feel the awe of the situation.

Aside from those two issues, this novel was pure pleasure.  Below are some of my favorite lines:

His green eyes burned like emerald fire against the dark canvass of his skin.

[An angel to Simone]  "My ability to intercede with man is limited.  Can you build a tunnel for the ants?  Even with all your strength and knowledge?"

Susan blushed to the very roots of her hair.

And there were so many more!  I can't wait for this author's next novel.

This is one for my Must Read list!

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