Saturday, August 22, 2015

Spilt Coffee


About the Author:

I was unable to locate a bio for this author.


SPILT COFFEE is about three aging, disillusioned, and lost schizoaffective men who live vicariously for their love of the beautiful, young Filipino female nurse who looks after them. This novella is spiced with humour but hits home like a hard rock with its terrifying despondency. Ultimately, it is a beacon against the dark stigma toward the mentally ill and it should ignite compassion amongst the most calloused person.


This was a very compelling story of a man's descent into delusion and his attempts to overcome it.  The characters are unique and well-rounded, and the writing is wonderful!

There were technical issues with commas, and on more than one occasion, the author went into summary rather than fleshing very wonderful scenes out.  Even still, this earned a four-star rating from me.  Last night, I decided to read one chapter, but I couldn't stop.  One night's worth of sleep lost, delving into the mind of a person struggling to understand reality as it is presented to him.  It was utterly fascinating.

I will be reading a lot more from this author.

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