Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Spiral Effect


About the Author:
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James Gilmartin is the author of multiple short stories, three screen-plays (they'll eventually be movies, I promise), two novels, and a children's books. He has more in the works, and once he finds the time, will have them complete and posted on every e-book publishing site he can find. James Gilmartin also likes to create book covers, attempts blogging, has aspirations to start a podcast, and plans to film short video-films and a web series by the end of summer, 2015. ADD has it's perks and limitations. James lives in Muskogee, OK (ouch) with his wife, Christina, and their two children, Addison and Colin.


99% of the Earth’s population exhibits signs of telepathy and telekinesis. 

99% of the Earth’s population is dying from a mysterious new disease. 

The Collector, unaffected by the virus, has taken it upon himself to search for answers. Pushed by the single command: Find the Cause, Find the Source, Find the Beginning, he traverses through other minds, collecting memories in the hopes of finding a single clue that might lead to a cure. 

But it isn't so easy. Confused and frightened mobs attack hospitals. Jumpers steal bodies from the healthy. And some telepaths set dubious, mental traps. How will The Collector respond? What measures will he take to keep people from killing each other, all the while staying true to his goal? And what trouble lurks within his own mind? 

This is only the beginning. Follow The Collector in his search for The Cause, The Source, and The Beginning, continued each quarter with a new novella.


This is a very short read, but wow is it fascinating.  The novella is experimental in writing, but every time it does slip into unusual narration, it does so for a reason and plays well into the story itself.

The main character is a man searching minds for information to help cure the world of an illness.  Because he does traverse minds, the readers get setting, action, and dialogue, but it all takes place in people's minds.

Overall, I would highly recommend this story, and I'll be following the rest of the novels set in this universe.

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